Bio – CV

judith-martinJudith Martin’s passion has always been artistic. As a child she was forever drawing on any piece of paper or blank page in any book she could get her hands on. Her drive to create was immensely strong.

Judith was fortunate to be able to attend the “Art High School of Ottawa”, Canterbury High School, where she was mentored by some of the finest artists there. After graduation she was accepted into the fine art program of the then Ontario College of Art where she developed her craft under famous artists of the day including world war two war artists. Judith graduated in 1978.

Judith’s art career took a detour for about twenty years while she raised her daughters. In 1996 she was lucky enough to be in a situation where she could again pursue her passion and found painting landscapes as a direction in which she would go. For the past twenty years Judith has been painting landscapes in oil and pastel , entering and winning art competitions across Canada , exhibiting in galleries and teaching .

Judith Martin CV 2016 [PDF]