The Soldier’s Story

Mothers, Fathers, sisters, brothers
Are the faces of our soldiers
Always ready to obey commands
Blood spilt in hostile lands
Wether by land sea or air
Our protection in your care
Tears are shed for the horrors seen
Some return , nightmares confirmed in their dreams
Helpless are we unable to fully thank
All your sacrifices given in the name of rank
~ poem by Judith Martin

judith-martin-Canadian FlagMy most successful body of work would be my exhibition called “ A Soldiers’ Story”. This was a series of large panels (4’ x 8’) depicting the day to day struggles in the life of our soldiers in Afghanistan, portraits of the first causalities of this conflict (Sgt. Marc D. Leger, Cpt. Ainsworth Dyer, Pte. Richard Green, Pte. Nathan Lloyd Smith; all killed in the Tarnak Farm incident, and Nichola Goddard; first Canadian female casualty of war).

The exhibit also included a video montage of a soldier’s first tour of duty in Afghanistan accompanied by a music from Johnny Cash; a Canadian Flag provided by Rona Ambrose’s constituency office with the names of all 158 Canadian soldiers killed in that conflict laid over a couple of plinths to represent a coffin. I also used text from the newspapers about the Tarnak Farms incident where Us airmen few over and bombed a Canadian regiment ( the Princess Patricia Light Infantry killing four injuring eight) and the trial of the two pilots that released the bombs.

It was a truly emotional exhibition and the many people that saw the exhibit left in tears and wrote beautiful and sad thanks to the men and women that lost their lives in Afghanistan on the interactive panel provided for that purpose. I cried every day I worked on this exhibition and still cry to this day. I donated the whole show to the museum of the Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry in Calgary.